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On demand yoga and meditation for R250/month or R2500/year after free trial.


On demand yoga and meditation R250/month or R2500/year after trial.

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Mindfulness in just a couple of clicks.

Meander Wellness is an on-demand yoga and meditation subscription site. 

Meander Wellness offers mindfulness practices to you in the comfort of your space, at any pace. Our unlimited library houses classes that vary in level, length and style so each practitioner will find something suited to them.

Practice at home, at the office or take us with you on your weekend travels. Keeo your practice consistent and your life balanced with your pocket studio.

We believe that these practices are powerful tools that we can use to assist ourselves in navigating the river of life.


INCLUSIVITY: yoga and meditation is for everybody and every body.

For every space, at any pace

Meander offers you the chance to connect to your body your and breath from wherever it is that you may be. Mindfulness made easy, be it a 10 minute lunch-break meditation or a 30 minute deep stretch after work, we got you.

R250/month or R2500/year. Cancel anytime.



With out virtual studio, you are able to practice at any time that suits you, be it a lunch-time meditation or an evening deep stretch.


You can log in and practice from wherever you may be. Join us from your home, office or even from your break away.


Our classes are suited to all levels, from beginner to advanced including classes from 10 minutes – 60 minutes.

30 Day Free Trial, cancel at any time

Unlimited access to on-demand classes.
Access to different levels of practice.
Access to different class time lengths/ durations.


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/ bi-annually


/ per year

We offer annual, monthly subscriptions and single class options at affordable rates. Join us for a drop in or for unlimited content.

Affordable & flexible

Get 2 months free when you sign up today!

Get 1 month free when you sign up today!

Get 1 month free when you sign up today!

We aim to

provide moms the ability to find sanctuary on their mats.

give the hard workers the chance to just breathe.

give the globetrotters access to their practice from wherever they may be on earth.

make those who feel intimidated, to feel welcome and at home instead.

replace the exclusive elements of a studio with the all-inclusive atmosphere of your home.

provide those with limited funds, but an unlimited desire to practice, to have the freedom to do so.

allow you to practice because you can and because of how it makes you feel.

enable you to practice because of how your practice integrates into the world around you.

"Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is."
– Richard Freeman

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“Let come what comes, let go what goes. See what remains”
Ramana Maharshi.